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Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog

January 8, 2017
Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog

Hi Uniquesss! Happy New Year! I hope everyone have a great year! This is the first month of the year, and everyone is busy making their new year resolution.. It’s a great way to start the year with a positive mind and clear goals! Have you write your resolutions in 2017? I know it’s a bit late to publish this post, but better late than never, right? 
😁😃😄😄 *peace!
Honestly, I considered this post many times before published.. Should I be sharing this post on my blog? How if it’s just my promises? 
But, I think if I write my resolution on this blog, I am more likely to follow through and it gives me the motivation to do something or simply to believe in the possibilities of it..
For me, 2016 is AWESOME

Lessons that I’ve learned in 2016

I learned a lot of new things

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 2

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 3

I still remember the event I’ve ever attended at Pullman Central Park for a video competition sponsored by SKII .. 
The guest star is Chandra Liow and Anggun C Sasmi, so I’m interested to attend the event.. 
But, I didn’t know about one of activities there (joining a video competition to be influencers of SKII) O_O..  
I felt so nervous before a shoot..
That is my very first vlog (LOL I’ll not publish it).. 
I can’t stop laughing seeing my confuse and nervous expression on that video..
But at least I can say I tried to get out of my comfort zone.. 
It’s really UNFORGETTABLE.. 

Oh yea, Have you checked my latest video out about KOSE ESPRIQUE COOL BB SPRAY

Don’t forget to subscribe and like if you like my video.. :D
(*pardon my nervous smiling face on that video :P) 

Get Invited to blogger events and meet a lot of inspiring people

Beauty Bound Asia with Chandra Liow

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 5

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 6

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 7 

There are a lot of supportive people out there.. I love how people support each other in bad and good times.. It’s really AWESOME.. There's always a good lesson in meeting new people, it’s enlarging my circle of friends.. I also learned a lot from them.. I love reading their blogs, watching their vlogs and taking inspiration from them, whether it’s enjoying their unique writing style or just enjoying their content..

Besides, I have opportunity to cooperate with International Online Shops, like Dresslink and Althea Korea.. 😍😍😍

Mei Mei's Dresslink Review
Unboxing ALTHEA KOREA's Haul #AltheaTurns1
Make friends and getting closer with other bloggers

I still remember that we know each other since an event we attended together (The Skin House Event)..
I’m so happy, because I can find other bloggers who have the same interests as me.. 
So, we can connect and grow our blogs together.. 
Sometimes we also hangout and sharing stories each other..

My 2017 Resolution

I will graduate THIS YEAR
This one is absolutely my first goal! I’m feeling so tired of thesis revisions.. It’s so frustrating.. I want to relax after my thesis defense..   
I believe I can do it..
Wish me luck for my thesis defense
(which is the most scary event for me 😰)

I am trying to get closer to God
David Beckham's Quotes that fit me in 2016 :I respect all religions, but I'm not a deeply religious person. But I try and live life in the right way, respecting other people. I wasn't brought up in a religious way, but I believe there's something out there that looks after you.
I have so many goals in my life and sometimes I forget that I’m just a human living in the flesh.. 
God has so many greater ideas than I ever will for my life.. 
I believe amazing things will happen.. 
Faith is believing that God will do what He says, will do, and that He is who He says He is.. 
It’s scary to believe in something you can’t see or hope in things you don’t know will happen, but that sounds very promising about what faith is, right? 

To Be More Grateful and Positive in life

I am gonna enjoy and love my life, be thankful of everything that I have today.. I can be healthy.. I can be happy.. I have a good family.. 
I can be things I never thought were possible for me.. 
Enjoy things more and more this year
A positive mind toward everything will give you a happier life.. 

More consistency on blogging in 2017

As a blogger, I think it’s really easy to fall in and out of love with your blog all the time.. Recently I have seriously fallen back in love with blogging again.. I will do blogwalking frequently and blogging in a regular blogging frequency (minimum 5 post per month) starting on February 
(after my thesis defense).. :D
Psst, one of my favourite things that push me more consistent on writing is reading the comments from Uniquesss.. 
When I read some comments from you, it puts a huge smile on my face! That’s a little things but really mean a LOT for me.. =D

Learn, Learn, and Learn

I'm so motivated to learn a lot of things.. 
I want to learn cooking and baking 
(lol it will be good for my future husband, 😅😅)
Also, there are a lot of things that I should learn for my blog contents, I want to learn and improve my photography and picture editing skills..
 I want to learn more about makeup, so I can feel more confident to write about makeup tips and tutorials.. 

Mei’s New Year’s Resolution #MeisUniqueBlog 2017

Dear 2016, Thank you for all lessons
Welcome 2017! I’m READY! :D
What resolutions have you set out to achieve this year?
Feel free to let me know 😄
*kepo 😅😅😅
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