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August 5, 2016

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog (Mei's Unique Blog) a.k.a ! :D
First of all, let me introduce myself.. My name is Meiliyana.. You can just call me Mei.. My parents gave me that name because i was born on May.. :D I'm 21 years old this year.. I'm a college student from Tarumanagara University, majoring accounting.. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.. I love makeup, exercising, and sharing my opinions to YOU! 

Quotes that i love:
Being unique in every way is BEAUTY in its own respect" - Zacheree
I think every girls are beautiful in her own unique way.. 
As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.. So, don't waste your time on jealousy.. Blowing out the other person's candle will not make yours shine brighter, right? 
So, I'll call this blog's readers as Uniquesss (Unique readersss) :D

I started this blog out of my low self-esteem problem.. I cared too much of others' opinions about me.. Too many days are wasted comparing myself to others and wishing to be something I'm not.. But, I learned that i have to stop hating myself for everything i'm not.. Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses and what you think of yourself is more important than what people think of you, right? 

Believe me! The best way to gain your self-confidence is to do something that you are afraid to do! Start loving yourself for everything that you are.. Beside, hapiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to others.. Just focus on doing what makes you happy without worrying about what others think/say.. You must be your own sunshine to be HAPPY! :) 

More about me
I'm the only daughter in my family.. 
I love my parents MORE THAN i love MYSELF..
Height: around 158cm
Weight : 47/48 kg
Shoe size : 36/37
Dress size: S/M
Eye color: Black
Skin colour: yellow skin tone (NC 25-30)
Hair Colour: Black

interacting with new people
learn something new
Japanese culture and foods
Chocolate, cakes and ice cream!
DIY, Makeup, skincare. exercising (especially martial arts)

reading thick books (i'll get bored easily) :P
Bad-tempered people 


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I write this blog in two languages: Bahasa and English.. 
I use Bahasa when the products are only available in Bahasa or Indonesian might be curious about the products.. Pardon my wrong grammar and misspells in English.. I'm still learning.. 

All of reviews will be my own honest opinion based on my experience, regardless sponsored product or not.. For any questions, business inquiries, sponsorships, etc, you can contact me by email through 

Thank you and have a great day :D
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