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Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist

March 6, 2016

Hello Uniquesss! I'll use English for today's post.. Why ohh why not in Bahasa???
In this post, i'll write about my wishlist on one of my favourite Fashion Online Mall.. 
It's a wholesale affiliate vendor located in China.. 
Uniquesss, what do you think when you heard about that (wholesale seller from China)?? Yup! So, it must be pretty cheap!
Have you heard about Dresslink?

Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist

Dresslink is an Online Fashion Mall legally as a private company and have received business license from Hongkong.. Dresslink indicates safe and well-managed trade.. Dresslink supply the most fashionable clothing & Korean style ladies' apparel internationally.. 
Dresslink pride on offering exceptional low price but good quality at the same time.. 
Psst, they cooperate with many clothing manufacturers specializing in producing export clothing in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhe Jiang of China, which enables them to provide lasting styles in massive amount and in low price.. 

Dresslink sells everything about women's needs from head to toe :D
i want everything! They are all eyecatching for me! it's so hard to choose some of them.. I want ALL.. *lol in Bahasa it's called 'maruuk' 

You'll see all of the items are black! Recently, t've been obsessed with black..
I feel confident with black colour.. I don't know why.. :O

So,These are my wishlist on Dresslink

Women Sexy Open Shoulder Long Sleeve BodyCon Slim Party Pinup Evening Mini Dress Prom Dress Party Dress

It comes in 2 colors: Gray and black
Material: Cotton Blended
Dresslink Wishlist

Dresslink Wishlist 1

Stylish Ladies Women Sexy Lady Long Sleeve High 

Waist Casual Patchwork Mini Pleated Party Club Dress 


Material : Polyester
Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist black dress

Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist black dress 2

Women's Stylish Casual Black Legging Fitting Pencil Alphabet Print Sweatpants
Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist legging
Material: Cotton Blend + Polyester
I think, It's a good quality sweatpants for my gym and aerobic classes.. O_O

Mei Mei's Dresslink Wishlist legging 2

Uniquesss, do you also like my wishlist? If yes, go on! Check Dresslink ..
i love that three items because of some nice comments and feedbacks there.. They are sold in a quite large quantity.. 

Mei, how about the quality? Are they really good or just looks nice on photos?
Don't worry. i'll tell you later..^^

Btw, pardon my bad English (i hope you understand.. i'm still learning =D)
Go! Check Dresslink for cheap items!
Go, Check Dresslink

Have a nice day, Uniquesss!
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