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The Face shop Clean Face Spot Clear Intensive Patch Plester Jerawat Efektif

August 12, 2013

Hey gurls! This is my first review using English! Sorry, if my English especially the grammar is not good.. i still study to be better.. >o<
Today i will review about Faceshop’s skincare..
Do you know about cleanface line from Faceshop? There’re many good reviews about them.. they use Tea tree oil as their prominent ingredient.. i have read many reviews about them and the spot patch makes me angered..

Here is the product:

i have ripped it >_<.. and the back side:

Wow!! I don’t understand!! That’s all hangeul L
Just a simple step to use it.. Make sure your face already cleaned before you patch it to your acne area! 

>o< my face is so sensitive with blemish, acne scars T.T
I used it around 10 hours and this is the before and after on my acnes.. 

The eyes of the acne have gone #bad English.. 
The result surprised me a lot!! I like this product so much!! It has amazing result on my acnes !!
Repurchase? Yes! Of course!! :D

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